About Us

About Carolina Lift Stations

Carolina Lift Stations is an experienced provider of services to the water and wastewater industries. We have been providing quality care in pump station and treatment plant service since 2001. Carolina Lift Stations is a member of the South Carolina Rural Water Association and the North Carolina Rural Water Association. We are also Accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Meet the Carolina Lift Stations Team


  • James Caldwell— Founder, Co-owner & COO
  • Becca Caldwell— Co-owner and CFO


  • Josh Cossin – Field Operations Director/Lead Electrical & Mechanical Technician
  • Kimberly Hickman – Administrative Service Director


  • Neal Bryant, Business Development Director
  • Christine Frame, Project Coordinator
  • Brenda Cannon
  • Allison Henderson
  • Tiffany Leary

Crew Leaders

  • Andrew Cook – Crew Leader/Electrical/Mechanical Technician
  • Chris Phelps – Crew Leader/Electrical/Mechanical Technician
  • Joey Sims – Crew Leader/Electrical/Mechanical Technician
  • Buddy Wright – Crew Leader/Electrical/Mechanical Technician
  • Billy Badz – Crew Leader/Electrical/Mechanical Technician
  • Jeremiah Barnhart – Crew Leader/Electrical/Mechanical Technician

Technicians/Crew Members

  • Mitchell Pike
  • Zach McKean
  • Michael Wanger
  • Andrew Sowell
  • E.K. Jones
  • Jonathan Ketchum

Our Electrical/Mechanical Technicians provide all forms of scheduled and emergency service, including maintenance and repair of stations, collection systems, treatment plants, electrical controls, ancillary equipment and telemetry systems.

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