Sewage Pump Repair and Maintenance

We repair and maintain all types of Water and Sewage pumps

Carolina Lift Stations provides emergency and non-emergency sewage pump service and repair throughout South Carolina and North Carolina.

Types of pumps we can provide repairs or perform routine maintenance on include:

  • Grinder and chopper pumps – Commonly used in low pressure sewer system pump stations for residential homes or apartments.
  • Pneumatic ejector pumps – A special type of pump used in lift stations to help prevent clogging by solid materials.
  • Vertical turbine pumps – Used in water and wastewater treatment plants¬†where the motor and controller are above ground.
  • Dry pit pumps – Pumps for lift stations that are located in a below-ground dry environment. Types include close coupled, shaft driven and built together.
  • Submersible pumps – Pumps used in lift stations where the entire pump is submerged in wastewater.
  • Split case pumps – Used in water treatment and booster stations.

Sewage Pump Repair

Mechanical or electrical failure at any type of wastewater pumping station is an emergency situation. Failure to repair the system immediately can result in sewage spills. If your alarm has been activated and you need immediate service, please call our 24-hour emergency number 1-888-241-1096.

Our expert technicians know the fluid mechanics and electrical control systems of your sewage pump station. We’ll be able to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the problem. We also provide non-emergency sewage pump repair.

Sewage Pump Maintenance

Maintaining your sewage pump will help it remain trouble-free for longer. Finding problems early and fixing them will help prevent complete failures that result in sewage spills. We offer contracted maintenance services for all types of sewage pumps, from low-pressure units to large-scale municipal lift stations. By signing on as a contracted maintenance customer, you will also receive priority response should an emergency situation arise.

Please contact us to learn more about our sewage pump repair and maintenance services.

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